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**Ceramic Coating** We have Nano 9H Ceramic Coating kits for sale for both commercial and individual use.

We also offer Ceramic Coating services in house.

For more information, orders and sales, please DM us and we will be happy to assist you.

We have great flagship chemicals that work extremely well.

Ceramic Coating

$400.00 BRONZE claybar wash DURATION:2 YEAR (1 coats)

$600.00 SILVER 1 stage polish DURATION: 2 YEARS (2 coats)

$850.00 GOLD 2 stage polish DURATION: 5 YEARS

(2 coats)(includes chrome, windshield)

$1100.00 PLATINUM 3 stage polish DURATION: 5 YEARS  

(3 coats) (chrome, headlights, windshield)

We are offering affordable ceramic coating. This is with or without polishing the vehicle. We recommend to cut and polish (paint restoration/paint correction) the vehicle before applying the ceramic coating. Feel free to ask us any questions