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Get Your Cars Detailed In the NIK of TIme!!!
The Team:

 In the Nik of Time was established in 2015 to help Calgary and metro residents maintain and clean the exterior and interior of their vehicles regardless of season. Whether it's fighting salt, snow or mud, having your car ready for a sale or a car show or to make it look nice and shiny, we are ready to help you detail and take care of your vehicle to make it as good as new in the Nik of time. 
An initial consultation and evaluation will determine the price and time to detail your vehicle in the Nik of time. Whether your auto is dirty because of constant kid's traffic or because of many scratches on the exterior and the vehicle doesn't look bright, let In the Nik of Time be your professional "Go To" when you want your vehicle to look like it just got off the assembly line!
Competitive packages tailored to our clients needs and we would be more than happy to take care of that for you. Thanks for your support and should you know of anyone besides yourself who could benefit from our services, please let us know or have them reach out to us. 


Automotive Detailing Is Our Passion. see more in Gallery

Paint Correction In the NIK of Time!!!